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Ashton Bowls Club
Ashton Park-Grosvenor Rd-Sale-M33 6NJ

Based in Ashton Park we are a great little Bowling Club with a lot of spirit and pluck.

Our mission is to have lots of fun playing Crown Green Bowls.

We currently play in two local leagues,South Manchester and Timperley & District Veterans. In the South Manchester league, which play on Monday afternoons, we play two teams, A and B. Friday is the Timperley Pairs day in which field one team.

Through out the summer we enter various cup matches and have local in-club tournaments accompanied by lots of refreshment and good company.

Come close of season in October we operate Winter Bowls games which have small, and I mean small, cash prizes for those that want to keep their skill set high and are of a hardy disposition.  Again great fun.